Ivy Inspiration 2018 Summer News + June/July/August Program

Hello Parents!

What a hectic month May has been so far! We understand parents – scheduling and planning your children’s programs and vacation times! It does seem like the children are the celebrities and the parents are the managers!

In this email, we will be discussing 5 points that we think the parents should know and we’ll also post our June Early Summer Start and the July/August 8 weeks Summer Program below! Don’t worry, we promise to keep this as short as possible.

1. REMINDER: Ivy Inspiration will be closed on Memorial Day (5/28). If you have any questions, you may still email us and we’ll try to get to you as soon as we can.

2. We have decided to create a June Early Start Summer Program starting from June 18th to June 29th. This program is for students who cannot attend our 8 Weeks Summer program on a weekly basis and for those who do not wish to miss out on academic content. We have posted the schedule for the two weeks on our homepage. However, please note that a group session can only happen when we have a minimum of 5 students and the program starts with the lowest grade level of 2. Please let us know if you child is interested in attending the June Summer Program.

3. Ivy Inspiration will be taking a one week break from June 30th – July 8th. The facility will be closed during that week however, we will still be able to communicate with parents via email.

4. At last the entree! We have posted the full 2018 – 8 Weeks Summer Program on our homepage! Please review the schedule and let us know if you have any particular questions or thoughts. Also, please on a separate email, let us know if your child will be attending the Summer program as we’re finalizing the student roster. 

5. Need to sign up for our program? Give us a call or let us know through email stating your interest! We’ll definitely help you with scheduling! 

Thank you very much for your patience and we hope the summer will breeze by with no obstacles! We are very excited to see you all and once again, for any questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact us!

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